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Canada Imported Brand New Spruce Wood

These 48X40 heat-treated pallets are manufactured using spruce softwood trees, and delivered to Charlotte and surrounding areas. The estimated price is $22 per unit.

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The spruce or fir is sometimes referred to as the “bread tree of Central European forestry,” a title that already indicates the widespread importance of this unique wood. The spruce is by far the most common tree in the Alps and low mountain ranges. In western Germany, spruce can account for up to 30% of total forest area.

The botanical name for the conifer is’spruce,’ or ‘Picea abies’ in Latin. Many different species of spruce are used around the world. Only the common spruce is native to Central Europe.

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Fresh dried spruce wood can be processed with all common wood tools, both mechanically and by hand. The wood is light in weight, soft, and very elastic. Although it dries quickly, hardly any cracks form. Spruce wood can be used well as construction timber, as it has good bearing capacity. However, it must be treated with wood preservatives, since it is otherwise not weather-resistant and especially when ground contact quickly begins to rot. Treatment of the surface is easily possible, resin residues should be removed beforehand. A shrinkage is located in the middle range.

Spruce wood is very important for the construction industry, especially for constructions such as roof trusses, scaffolding, or ceiling joists. It is particularly popular for the production of paper and other pulps, as it not only grows fast but is also very cheap. Thanks to its high availability, wood is often used in the production of chipboard, beams, plywood, and laminated wood. Packaging such as barrels, boxes, and pallets are also made of spruce wood. Furniture and interiors in the Scandinavian style are made of solid spruce wood and also as fuel, the wood finds a good use.

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